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My main expertise lies in the world of LinkedIn which I have been using to help people since 2008. I am ranked by LinkedIn search as world class, and have won a UK and Ireland award in 2022 for my services.

I deliver talks at Business Expo’s, Trade Associations, Peer Groups and Business Groups as well as direct for companies. One area of specialism is professional services where I show how to get more billing hours achieved, another is Education where I help tomorrows potential business leaders get a head start on the platform.

I will demystify the platform for the audience, taking them on a journey from where they are, which is often frustrated and unsure, to knowing a lot more about where they need to be, and how to get there. I will ask them about their desired outcomes and then show them how LinkedIn can be used as a tool to achieve them

My talk will be bespoke based on what take aways for the attendees are required by the organiser. it will belittered with hints tips and stories about the platform and will be interactive if required. Told in an engaging manner with a sprinkling of humour I will engage your audience and offer true value to all those who attend. I will help them to know how to achieve their desired outcomes and at the same time spend less time on the platform. This can be business growth, optimised profile, building a trusted network and effective communications. They will leave with a list of implimentable notes that will enhance their use on LinkedIn



The 4 main sectors I (S)peak on are:

     Professional Services     Education      Conferences       Trade Associations


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